About me

Omar Estévez Viveros (Veracruz, México 1976) is an illustrator and comic artist.

Graduated from the Facultad de Ciencias de la Comunicación de la Universidad Veracruzana and Posgrado de Artes y Diseño at UNAM. He resides alternately in the City of Veracruz and Mexico City. Married to illustrator FG Ortiz Rivero.

Comic artist.

1. Complete comic author:

Co-author at Tomemic. Heavy Metal Magazine 298 (March, 2020)

Lineartist and Colorist in Heavy Metal No. 1 and Heavy Metal Magazine 275. (June, 2015)

  • New Moon Rising, with Alberto Calvo and Flor Gpe Ortiz Rivero.
  • Co-autor en Taxi with Flor Gpe Ortiz Rivero.
    Co-author on Initiation with Flor Guadalupe Ortiz Rivero, Heavy Metal Magazine 274. (April, 2015)

Author of the webcomic Metalhed. www.metalero.com.mx/en (2010-2015)

Collaborator with comics in La Punta and Regeneración Magazine (2015)

2. Comic book colorist:

For Big Red Hair:

Aztec Empire. (Co-colorist) With Paul Ginan and David Hann (2020)

For Plissken / Behemoth Comics:

The Gatherer. With Emilia Predrazzoli, Emiliano Pinto and Sebastián Cabrol. (June 2020)

For Heavy Metal Comics.

Megadeth’s Anthology: Death By Design (Agosto, 2019)

  • Symphony Of Destruction with Justin Jordan and John Bivens.
  • À tout le monde with Llexi Leon and Richard Friend.

Cover TPB Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Vol. 1 (October, 2018)

For Heavy Metal Magazine:

Chris Never: The Ghost of Christmas Never with Jeffrey Burandt y Jason Goungor # 298 (January, 2020).

Doppeldämons with Emilia Predrazzoli, Emiliano Pinto and Facundo Percio. #293. ( April 2019).

Oneiroverse with R.G. Llarena and Garrie Gastonny. #292 (March, 2018)

Rob Zombie: Living Dead Girl with Michael Morecci, John Bivens. #287. (July, 2017).

Clive Barker: Lighting the Way with Gustavo Rugieri, #286. (May, 2017).

Mythopia with Grant Morrison and Andy Belanger #285 (March, 2015).

Lil’Charlie with John Bivens. #284-286 (Dec, 2016-May, 2017).

For Image Comics:

Death of Love, Miniserie. with Justin Jordan, Donal Delay and Felipe Sobrerio (2018).

For DC Comics.
The Sandman Special (2017-) #1 for Mad Pencil studios. (Agosto, 2017)

Crossover Batman 66 meets Wonder Woman 77 for Mad Pencil studios. (2017)

Crossover Batman 66 meets Man from U.N.C.L.E for Mad Pencil studios. (2016)

Batman 66 No. 24 with Jon Bogdanove. (April, 2015).

3. Illustrator

Freelance illustrator and visual artist for advertising agencies and producers.

  • Jugando en Serio. Background artist in the animated episodes …Y Charlotte? (2015)
  • Visionaria Games. Nutribots y Mistral (Videogames) Art. 2013
  • Aeroplano Films/ Los hijos. La Revolución de Juan Escopeta (feature film). Animation clean up 2010.
  • Santo Domingo Animation/Ithrax Producciones. Brijes 3d (Guardians of the Lost Code), (feature film). Design, Backgrounds and CGI 2009- 2010.
  • Regular illustrator in Cine Premiere Magazine, Editorial Televisa, MAD México. (2006-2010).
  • I collaborated with Los Hijos de su Madre -an animation studio- with projects for Cadbury Adams, Zapatos Coqueta y Audaz, KFC, Pespi, among other clients. 2006-2009.